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What do you think when you said something about meeting, and then suddenly a very uneducated person said about mating, in the office hour, in front of partners, out loud. He wansn’t missheard at all, but he said that unproper thing without thinking. I doubt he ever think!! So..welcome to the jungle, Ran! A lil bit funny, when i literally in jungle, and people acting as if they were in the jungle.

Hmm…agak2 malas juga selalu ada pertanyaan kaya gini:

Orang (O) : kamu gak diajarin bedanya cat 5 ama cat 6 *ini bukan soal kucing, tapi kabel*
Gw (G) : Gak
O : emang gak ada jarkom? Ini kan harusnya ada. Masa gak diajarin si?!
G : ada, tapi beda pelajarannya. Adanya socket programming, diskusi soal packet switching, ACK, itung IP, dll. Gak ada soal kabel, adanya belajar sendiri. *Hidup Pak Jomon!*
O : bearti jagoan anak ‘undip’ *u know what i meant* ato *u know lah*
G : metodenya beda mungkin, Pak. *i’ll beat u all in the end of my contract*

Well, Pak supervisor, bapak salah recruit orang, mungkin anak elektro yg udah biasa nanganin radio, kabel, satelit, dll.

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