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Defining Part 2

Need car, need money, need job. Butuh mobil, jadi butuh uang, uang didapetin dari kerja.
Nah, kerjaan blom dapet, jadi gak ada uang, gak ada mobil 😦

As usual, being online int the middle of the night, wasting my parent’s money. How stressful college was, well it could be seen from my expenses, they made linear equation. So…being online. Hmm…the present conversation with other person is ended. The conversation with the right person will be ended soon. For the second time, both of us can’t get along together. If we could, do i want it? dunno. The percentage is 40% yes, 60% no 😀

And then, do i need to say a proper goodbye to another person? What for? no, i don’t need it. Hmm…i just feel missing.
What happen to that girl? Only heaven knows! She doesn’t need me anyway, everybody will notice her, so she definitely doesn’t need me at all. I need her help indeed, but i don’t want help if it’s a disturbance for her or anybody else.’s better to be alone, isn’t it? God is so kind, always help a sinner like me through many things. This is not a letter from a frustated person.

Masih jaman ya fs?! always the same question… Yes, still rocks!! A lot of my friends are on friendster, and i miss them. Soooo…much missing them….. About the photos, you’re skinnier, but you were gorgeous 😀 I love those photos 🙂

The biggest thing i want now, is I want to get out from here, from them, from those people!!