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happy, releaved. No missery, no missing friends. Like the sparks of waters on my face after going through the dark and long cave. I am not saying that i’m ready to work, i still want to lay down, taking a deep breath after a very long marathon.

My beloved friends are coming back to the city, they’ve graduated too. Seeing them is like seeing a person in the eye without bringing up my GPA, what programming language i’ve learned, how much my TOEFL is, who the DJ on Only-Heaven-Knows Caffe is, or others. I just bring me, and they just bring their selves without anything to be proven or denied. We had shorter time to spend together, but we have a lot of lifetime memories 🙂

On the other tab, i opened trash can. A stupid thing to open a trash can, and suddenly i want to puke 😦 Trash with trashy things, shouldn’t be opened.