not you


Being a lil bit mellow when i had some conversation with a friend of mine about our past. I am curious about the definition of being smart. I think i wasn’t smart enough so that i had to get through all of those misseries. Well, i think i have to fall down first, and i can fly high. And at this point i caught my self being so rational and i couldn’t imagine how i was so stupid. I felt i was so broken heart, so misserable, thinking that my world had broken down, etc. At those time, i felt like i was missing my self.

Now, i am on my own feet. I forgot how to give up to life. I forgot how to cry on my knees and feel so broken heart. But i always remember being in love and its sweets. It’s not because of you, and i’m not willing you or hating you. I love you and you were part of my heart, but you are not the one who make me feel more… I feel my heart is so light, and seeing you could light up my heart, but you are not the one who light up my life.

~ps:gambar nemu di blog ayatayatcinta

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