Love...Life..., Works


…that is the word i will say about this lab! With my dying computer, and just relly dead. I’m glad i have this laptop. It’s an average laptop, without 1G DDR or ATI Radeon, but still reliable. Hooohhh…many things make me piss off in this room, lab 1233 building A Fasilkom UI Depok!!

Oh Gosh! I want to get really…really mad!!!! At first, my sandal is missing. Second, many strangers using my computer. Third, trashes around my desk. Fourth, the HD space is almost full, and guess what they filling my final assignment drive!!! I hate it!! The worst is, my computer is dead. Trying to be patient, i tried to reinstal the windows and guess what, the BIOS doesn’t recognize any DVD ROM.

Dan akhirnya…maaf sekali fahrian, account lu gw apus πŸ˜€

~Gyahahahahahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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