Personal Approach

I wonder how to be a good manager or good employer. I believe that it is harder being employer than employee. And i think no wonder an employer gets more than the employees. An employer or manager is demanded to be have a good personal approach to the employees.

I think i’m not good on this stuff. I’m easily read by others. And when i feel so upset, i’ll be much sarcastic. The good point is i can’t keep my temper for a long time. So…somehow i feel more like men. I keep questioning why i get more difficulties working with females than males. I’m not talking about gender difference making me feel more comfortable. But, if i can work better with females if we could have same chemistry, and i think i hardly find that chemistry with males. But generally, i’m easily working together with males. I like males fields, and no i don’t feel that i’m a tomboy.

For example, i’ve never been working together with mita and i found no difficulties between us. But on the other side, i have difficulties to have chit chats with girls in my office. It is not the first time for me working here, but still..i’ve never had any single chat with those girls. Let say..i feel like i’m an alien among them.

Someone did told me that i am too technical, and people don’t like technical chit chats. Other said that males don’t like technical chit chats with female. The point is i’m not easily have personal interaction with people. this good or not?

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