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this is Jakarta!

Gw benci banget di keadaan kaya gini. I hate the condition where i feel have no power. What i don’t have now is the power of money. I am not talking don’t have any money to buy a 6th series of BMW, but something else and related to the most important people. I don’t care if it is something about me. I feel so dumb. I can’t do such a simple thing because i don’t have any money. Damn life!

*ditengah-tengah nulis dapet email gambarnya si direz. Hehehehe….membuat hati senang. Si boss suka ama gambarnya direz πŸ˜€
Tengkyu Res πŸ™‚
~yak, siap-siap besok dipotong gaji karena gak masuk 😦

3 thoughts on “Madness…”

  1. @ tedi:
    Ok d ted, bakal gw update link lu πŸ™‚
    Bukannya biasanya gitu ya ted, simple but not cheap πŸ˜€

    @ Fitria:
    jadi malu nih fit. Messenger di block nih di sini πŸ˜€ Jadinya agak2 ketinggalan berita kalo ada gossip :p

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