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Great Appology

For those who have suffer because of my final assignment, especially for aria and fahrian. Sorry for all trouble i’ve brought for both of you. And it hasn’t finished yet 😦

What I Want

I can’t define what i want for my life. Isn’t it a common problem, or not? Well, identity crisis is still be a problem for me. What i want is still unanswered question for me. A good, but simple advice came out from my x. “You have to come down, sit down. After that, think about things you want to do and you want to have. After that, reach it, no matter what.” I’m sure that advice was not that so special. But the fact is, he was the first person who’d ever told me about that thing. That advice didn’t become special one because it was from my x, but because of its simplicity. That was the first moment i realized that i still have no idea about things i want to do in my life.

I use to had everything planned. But, after i failed became ITB student, i had everything unplanned. Almost all of the things after i became a student in UI was done by my instinct. It’s not about i hate this university, i love this institution, maybe i’m a little bit chauvinist about this yellow things.

Safe area. Everybody does has this area. Well, i never had this area since i became this university student. How to create this area? I think i would feel safe among people i could trust. And it’s not about people around me are mean and evil. I hardly trust myself too.

Maybe it is difficult to explore what i want in my life. So, i thought it will be easier for me to disribe something i love. I love to wake up in the morning while the sun is getting up too. I love that i could go to my activity place without spending hours or facing traffic jam. For now, i could only think about this.