Unanswered Questions

First of all, congratz for those who can move on and get a new life 🙂 I am trying to move too and i’m hoping to get through all of these miseries. When? I don’t know. Soon, i guess.

Two nights before, i had an insomnia and i haven’t taken any reveange for that unproper sleep. Stress? Well if it caused by stress, i’ll always get an insomnia. Besides, stress is my middle name 😀  A little CTM would be ok, wouldn’t it? Thanks for the roomates who always accompany me in my tiny room.

I had worse times. I’m not the first and i’m not the last. Many people had worse tragedy. But to be honest, it’s still give a hugh pain. Nohing either me or other could do to remove it. All i can do is made it less pain and less. It would never be healed. The feeling to be betrayed when nobody betrayed me. Nobody nor me could be blamed. Sometimes i still felt regreting those things. Nothing in this world are mine even myself, my emotion, or my thoughts. All those intengable things are not mine. I just need to walk in the line that God has made it for me. I could lose my emotion, my thoughts, but i couldn’t lose my soul. And how if the body is too weak to carry on this crazy soul? Life is a drama. I hate drama.

And after that, the question why on that rainy day. I couldn’t answer it. I chose to be silent. That was another side of life which is rarely to be found.

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