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Film Jaman ABG

Postponing my return to Depok, i watched old movie, titled Never Been Kissed. That movie wasn’t that old, but it was pretty old to make me feel old. The first time i watched it was on my last year in my junior high. It’s around on the mid of 2000. Yup, seven years ago.


It was one of my favourite movie and it was one of Drew Barrymore’s breakthrough movie after her disappearance because of drug abuse. It had beautiful soundtracks too. It became one my favourite because it felt very close with me on that time. It was on my teenager and i was really crushed on one of my close friends. Hahaha. ABG Gila ๐Ÿ˜€

On that time i have a dream to be saved by a knight who was riding on his white horse. And then being kissed by that prince in a romantic way and romantic place. An ordinary dream dreamt by every little girl. Waks..isn’t it so naive??!

Besides, that movie made me more comfortable with the fact that there are suck kids who acting being cool people and behaving so arogant at other schools. Hehehe…so glad that those people were not going to same high school and same university with me.

Same TV channel who played Never Been Kissed would play A Knight’s Tale. If i’m not mistaken, Heath Ledger and Angelina Jolie were play in this movie. This movie was produced on my early high school time. A Knight’s Tale introduced me to the amazing David Bowie. In this movie, there were dancing scenes using David Bowie songs. After i listed to the songs, i fall in love with David Bowie.

Hooofffff…i love my high school time. Learning many things, dreaming what i want to be, having some crush to seniors, having my first relationship with a boy, enjoying my lab classes, doing some Harry Potter’s magic, deeply fall in love with physics, dreaming to be a fighting falcon pilot, almost never brush my hair :p And etc etc….

3 thoughts on “Film Jaman ABG”

  1. Angelina Jolie gak ada di A Knight’s Tale Juk. One of the actresses was just some girl who actually looked a lot like Angelina.

    Lagunya David Bowie yang keren itu Thursday’s Child. Udah pernah denger belom Juk?

  2. emang bukan. Gw gak bilang itu lagu di A Knight’s Tale. Gw cuma bilang kalo lagu Thursday’s Child itu lagu David Bowie favorite gw ๐Ÿ˜€

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