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something stupid ^^

I can’t mention how many times i’ve read Eiffel…I’m in love. A novel for teenager, which i can’t say that book as a novel. I think it’s much more like a comic without any pictures. It’s about spoiled and cry baby girl who fall in love with her childhood friend. Well..she reminds me to myself. I read this book when i feel a little bit blue.

I’ve been losing words to say what i feel. But, they know. But, i couldn’t let myself fall down on their shoulder again. I can’t do that with the first man because he’s already hear and know everything and i feel naked in front of him. I can’t hide a thing with him. And the second one, i can’t talk to him. Although, i want him put his hand on my shoulder, make me very comfortable while i cry out loud on his shoulder. *sigh* i miss him a lot. I always think i have to do the-last-time-we-meet thing with him. Such as i run to him, say “i luv you, i’ll miss you, without you i was nothing” or other stuff and then kiss him on cheek, and then runaway before he show his reaction. And the last thing is, don’t ever let fate make us meet. If someday i have to meet him again, i have to dig a hole and hide in it. Silly! Dumb! Stupid!

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