Gak Penting

Fortunes from Missfourtunes

Can we say some bad things as missfortunes if we could find fortunes there?

For example, i feel glad i have a weak lung, so i can’t smoke. I have stomach disease, maag actually, so i can’t easily tested wine. Or maybe the other thing, i’m afraid of height, so can’t climb a building or a bridge for suiciding. What a fortune ^^


1 thought on “Fortunes from Missfourtunes”

  1. aih juk..terharu gw 🙂 tenang2, nanti gw kasih foto sm tanda tangan gw deh 🙂 gw jg kadang sedih klo mikirin bgt2 harus ninggalin kampus tercinta, pisah sm temen2 yg cukup tidak penting namun penting di hati (caelah)..yaaa,smoga aja msh bkl ada acara2 yg bsa bikin qta2 kmpl brg yah 🙂

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