BIG or big?

…i’ve been true from the start
you the owner of my heart..

drrr..drrr…drrr.. [new sms]

Rani..pa kbr? duh gw kangen banget sm lo. i miss u so much..hehe.gw lg kp dibdg ni.bt.sebel.pengen plg.lg sibuk apa neng?

It was from my highschool bestfriend. Two hours before i got her sms, i was thinking
about her too. It’s been 6 months from our last meeting, and she never contacts me. We sent 4 sms each other tonight. It sounds that she don’t like her internship. Well, so far i love my internship at KSEI. Mom told me to work hard there, in case if they have a plan to hire me. I don’t know either i want to apply there or not, but i want to give my best there.

[Balinese gamelan from Trio Satva Dwava]

I everything’s ok, i’ll go to Bali this september. I miss Bali a lot. It’s been 8 years since my last visit. If everything’s ok too, i’ll have dinner with Balinese dance performance on Nusa Dua Beach. Wow! It’s very interested, isn’t it?

I’m very excited with the trip to Pekanbaru on this august too. Well, actually, i have something bothering my mind too. Not about my other post about you-who-have-to-be-my-past. It’s about a charming guy, who i have to feel very grateful because he broke company’s habit for me. I never speak to him, even in my first day of internship, cause he wasn’t in his room. In other word, we don’t know each other.On the third day, i just realized that he’s the nice man. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but his smile always make me blushing. Oh come on, he’s much *too much* older than me!!

Let me describe him physically. Tall, around 175-180cm, around 65-70kg. Very tidy, his back shirt seems always smooth. Bright skin, grey hair, and have no wive *maybe divorce*. At least i’m not interested to a-not-available-man :p Almost forgot, he’s a moslem and not smoking. Nothing special. But why i have to feel the butterfly in my stomach??! I pray that it was only some problem in my PMS.

But..if i have to be with someone who is much older than me, would it be a BIG
problem? Will i face some biologically or menthally problem because of that range of age? Some article said that man’s sperm is still healthy on his 60 *btw he’s not 60 years old!!!!*. Aaarrghhh…i have to finish my mickey mouse 1000 pieces puzzle.

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