I’m very sure that everybody who’s ever listened to the radio has already known that name. Prambors, always called itself “Radio Kawula Muda”. This radio has also fulfilled my morning daily life since i was in elementary school. From Becky-Dado, Angga-Warman, Venna-Irfan, Venna-Imam, and last Dagink-Desta. Actually, i started to hate this radio since i went to college because i thought it was too shallow.

But then, this morning, accidentally, i heard an interview in this radio about VOA
journalism. Well, i’ve been curious about VOA media as American propaganda. What kind of good things go to American by giving free journalism to many countries with their own mother language??

In the matter of fact, i love journalism, i love writing (not source code =p). This interest started since i was a fan of Sarah Sechan. Is it creepy? Of course not. I thought i found the freedom to think, speak up my mind, by seeing, listening her thoughts. I came from a (maybe) conservative Javanese people, which made me very often finding the difficulties having my own opinion. But then, i made conclusion by manu observasations that the problems not only came from Javanese, but Indonesians in common. Maybe it was the influences from the last government era?

Ok, it’s too far enough from the subject. Things that made me a little bit surprised from this radio are a lot of non commercial advertisement. This is my favourite, “Gosip membuat sakit jiwa, perasaan iri, dengki, dan menambah musuh.” The non commercial advertisements were not only about drugs, healthy, family, piracy, but also lifestyle. It’s been too long people on productive age sick with many suck things from media. Gossip from morning to evening, trashy and non sense-mistic sinetrons in a whole day!!!

O…i love the interview. The guest was VOA broadcaster. She said that she found more
freedom to broadcast news on US. She was also ex AnTV and MetroTV broadcaster. She often had ‘titipan’ from the stockholders to report some news like they wanted. Of course, if we watch Metro, Surya Paloh often being the star of the news – even had never break for Magrib in the beginning of its broadcast. I don’t know about AnTV, but i think it has lack of quality. SCTV, by the year 2000’s, George Soros (the owner of the third world countries) was the main stockholder. RCTI and TPI was one of Cendana’s asset. Eventhough the interview was so interesting, i still felt it was a promotion. And the main topic about a prison for the Afghanistans just took the last 2 minutes.

Aaa!! I also heard two remake song. I want to break free by Dewa 19 and When You Tell Me that You Love Me by a trashy boyband ever, Westlife. Why Diana Rose dared having duet with them?

~keepPractisingMyEnglish ;p

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