What a week

Many things had happen on this week, eventhough it hasn’t finished yet.

It was started from Sunday, i came to JGTC or Jazz Goes to Campus. Actually that event was not as nice as i thought cause it was raining and a day before ANUM deadline. Inspite of that, i still enjoyed JGTC.

When monday came, my day was started with Toa’s call asking me for nomat. Toa is my best friend and the first nice girl in this campus. And then, accompanied by our best friends (Tika and Andre), we watched the cinema, it was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Actually there were 2 accidents, the first is with that god-damn-bastard and the second was an old problem between our friends. But, it was still good moment with my beloved Toa 🙂

And then thursday, wednesday came to me. Those days still beautiful, eventhough it was always raining. But like Jamie Cullum’s said “The sun in my heart, i’m ready for love.”

For the second time: dear stoopid guy, i know i’m not an angel like you’ve always wished. But, i could be the one for you.
I’m not catching the sun to go through you. Because the sun is always in my heart. Or you’re not the best for me? Time will prove this.

Thursday, today, a moon came to me. Make me a lil bit pale and exhausted. Dear my ‘mas ganteng’, i’ll try my best for your assignmment. Won’t make you dissapointed 🙂
I’ll need your backup.

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