Energizer means Adrenaline???

This is what i wrote last night

What a great energizer!!
Just a second i met him, and…walaahh…still wake up (11.55 pm) for studying and writing this.

This day, a friend of mine is having her b’day at Izzi Pizza Citos. A memorable restaurant! After having two moments with the amazing guys i’ve ever known. The first one was an extra mellow guy and the second was a guy who made my eyes always looking to guys like him. Well…bald, tall, wearing glasses, using basic T-shirt which is showed his basketball-lover-body. Haha! Note, just looking to guys like him! My energizer is so…not like him.

The party, my friend’s b’day, was great, except the alcohol part. Hate it! But, it wasn’t my rights asking them stopped drinking. We were talking about our last project to the 2005’s freshmen. And how we felt so pitty to our juniors (of course not 2005ers :p)

Dinner time, my bestfriends finally met my other bestfriends. It seemed like they could communicate and get along together. Very happy when seeing 2 different worlds met each other and had no problems at all πŸ™‚

After dinner, supposed to be back to my room and studied, me and my sisters (the first bestfriends) watched the Uma Thurman’s Be Cool. Cool movie with lots of crazy things. My favourite scene was when John and Uma were dancing. Nice dance and nice song by Black Eyed Pease. The dance was sexy, cute, and would love to try it πŸ™‚
There was a part when Uma said that she got her hair trimmed, and i said that trim was a method i’ve ever seen in fajar’s codes. They, the sisters, laughed aloud. Well, i got new information that trim means to cut some part of your hair. Hehe….thx for the information :p

I love my wallpaper. Just got it from deviantart.com. It’s titled Like a Butterfly. Eventhough still feel not confidence showing it to my friends at campus. Dunno why.

When i do or say some unusual things, i miss my old friends more. It’s been 6 months not seeing u guys… Miss you all…. Perhaps my mom’s happy because in this 6 months she never wakes up at 2 in the morning to open my yard’s door and say thank you to the driver =p Sorry mom….but you’ve known them. And you would never get any doubts with them πŸ™‚

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